Inspiration, Creativity & Enlightenment in Dance and in Life! 

A series of formless dance exercises with guidance to achieve a deeper connection with self and transcend it.  It's deep and profound, it is a soul wash, a rebirth per say... very healing. The work will develop your imagination, and inspiration for your dance and your life.  

This is an inner experience to learn to dance and commune with the spirit, to express self through movement, and also to touch that which transcends self. We will dance imaginary hypothetical themes to evoke hidden emotions and unfold new paradigms ... Come with open heart, ready to cry and to laugh and willingness to meet the new YOU.
If you have already done this workshop it will be an opportunity to deepen more and exercise what you have learned! These workshops are always different and you can always be enriched by new experiences!.


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The Dance of Love - A Dance Choreography With Veils

This is very sacred and sensual type of dance, designed to promote awakening of the energies of the chakras and the kundaline. It awakes a poetic sublime eroticism, promoting self confidence and freedom of movements. It develops
the ability to sense and hold higher frequencies of energy in all aspects of life.

Basic belly dance technique will be taught through an easy to learn choreography. We will inspire our dance on the dreamy Dance of the Seven Veils.

Please bring 5 veils - 2 yards size and 
2 veils 1/2 yard size

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  Dancing The Rhythms of Life

At this workshop there's minimum verbal communication. It is designed to calm the mind from stressful thoughts, repressed feelings and comprised emotions.

You learn to release stored blocked energies and to be free from life's expectations.  This process allows you to discover who you really are and what are you here for!

This dance style unfolds on endless different movements that release greedy emotions and surrenders the body's motion dream.

The class instruction is built up on the 5 rhythms and 5 basic emotions of life:  fear, anger, sadness, happiness and compassion. We will connect with some goddesses archetypes and dance through these energies.  

It is a "therapy" through dance,  recommended for those who seek for inner growth through body, mind and soul. "The body becomes an ear to the cosmos"


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With deep respect and acknowledgement for the Gypsy Tradition and "humankind's most ancient dance form," Enlightenment Through Dance Presents: "The Enlightenment Gypsy Dance Classes"

This workshop is designed to awaken the "gypsy" within, bringing emotions out to play and freeing the body to express them naturally with passion.

Gypsy dance is improvised, playful and dynamic. It's also sensual, compassionate and unexpected. To understand this concept takes time and practice. Choreography can be done for performances purposes, but it does not reflect the Gypsy spirit, therefore it's not the aim of this workshop.

"Through these classes you will be able to step into an inner world from which we can generate a dance that knows no boundaries"...

Movements taught will come from a variety of cultures, particularly the Middle East, Brazil and Modern American Dance. We fuse styles and combine movements, dancing without cultural boundaries through songs that call our emotions out to play.





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Special Classes

These classes will be announced through our Newsletter, please sign up to receive information.

Enlightenment Through DanceRCIZE – This class is fast and dynamic! It is recommended for those who are looking for a fun way to do a cardiovascular workout through dance. It is an hour of fast dance exercises with combination steps, isolated movements and shimmies, drilled for precision and control. There is minimal verbal instruction. Most of the class is a “follow the teacher” format. Songs used include world music, hip-hop, rock and disco.

ENLIGHTENMENT LIFE DANCE – In this class, there is a minimum of verbal communication. It is designed to calm the mind from stressful thoughts, repressed feelings and compressed emotions. This dance style unfolds through a fluid; constant movement that releases tightly held emotions and surrenders the body to its dream of free movement. The class instruction is built upon 5 rhythms and 5 basic emotions of life: fear, anger, sadness, happiness and compassion. It is a form of dance "therapy," recommended for those who seek inner growth through body, mind and soul.

ENLIGHTENMENT TANTRA DANCE - This is very sacred and sensual dance, designed to awaken the energies of the chakras and the kundalini. It is a spontaneous dance within some basic guidelines that create vigor and a poetically sublime eroticism. It promotes self-confidence, freedom of movement, and the ability to sense and contain higher frequencies of energy in all aspects of life. Open for individuals or couples that would like to deepen and expand intimacy and connection.

ENLIGHTENMENT CREATIVE DANCE FOR CHILDREN - Children love to move! In fact, they are rarely still. Children experience great joy simply by moving freely to different rhythms. Creative Dance offers endless opportunities for children to further develop their love of movement, music and creativity. We use music and movement from around the world, different dance styles such as Indian Dance, Hula and Belly Dance. The class is designed to help your children physically, musically, socially, and mentally. It will enhance children’s education in the following ways: SELF CONTROL, FOCUS AND ABILITY TO CONCENTRATE, RESPECT, CONTRIBUTIONS IN THE CLASSROOM, COGNITIVE LEARNING, and SELF-ESTEEM. (We encourage the parents to come and dance in the class with their child, if they like).


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