Water is a source of impetus for many choreographers. Water manifests itself many ways on this planet. Lakes, streams, rivers, geysers and oceans all can be catalysts for a piece of choreography. Dancers can glean emotions from water. Water can be tranquil like a still cirque lake in the Rocky Mountains or wild like a hurricane brewing in the Atlantic and pounding the Outer Banks. Visually the sundown or sunrise over water can be arresting and can give one a whole color scheme for costumes or lighting.

When one looks at water in nature it is almost always in motion. When a human being is moving through space using the elements of time and energy, a dance is occurring. Dancing on water is quite hard, a feat that would evoke much discussion. Christ was said to walk on water and people are still commenting on this impossibility.

Water can be friend or foe to dance. To Isadora Duncan, the great progenitor of modern dance, water was a major inspiration. She always wanted to live near water. She talks about her connection to the ocean in her book My Life. She loved to perform her dances on a blue-green carpet so that she had her sea source near by at all times.
At this workshop you will learn how to bond with the water, to flow and to surrender to its magnificent healing power.


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 The Dance of The 4 Elements – a Retreat in The Forest


Honoring the traditional four major natural elements through dance is a way of getting in touch with Nature and Spirit. It turns our awareness to the life force within and teaches us how to connect to it.

Dancing with the intention of touching various aspects of Nature brings energy and vigor to our life. It heightens intuition and our self-healing powers.

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One with Nature Retreat

The purpose of these retreats is to allow us to deeply immerse ourselves into ancestral forms of living. We used to be aware of our interconnectedness with Nature. We danced for the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, the Wind, the Water. Everything we did was in unity and attuned to “how it feels” instead of “how it has to be” or “how it looks like.” Loneliness, isolation, and disconnection fill our days. All those roles we have to play in our busy 21st Century lives. We have become busy, spending most of our time inside homes, cars, offices, malls, airports, classrooms, not having time, as we stumble through our day among cell phones, computers and all kinds of gadgets supposed to make our lives easier. In fact, they do seem to complicate it even more, as we cut ourselves off from that connection and unity with Nature.

We have lost touch with who we really are and what are we here for. We separate ourselves from that sense of unity and have allowed fear to be the biggest player in our lives. We feel afraid of going out, afraid of speaking our heart out, on a constant emotional roller coaster of likes and dislikes. We have locked ourselves into a life of despair and seem to have lost the key. We feel incapable of making changes and keep on going day-after-day, month-after-month, year-after-year, as this disconnection grows.

The intention in ONE WITH NATURE RETREAT is to create a space to, first, become aware of this disconnection with Nature and then reestablish it, restoring communion with our own Nature. I have been devoting my time to creating these Retreats and to Papo CabeSSa, as they have been taking shape into new transformational spaces, allowing for a sense of connection to our own being as Nature. Themes vary, but the central intention is one: to awaken the senses and become aware that we are not part of Nature: we are Nature! Fun and profound, dancing and playing at the Retreat simply unlocks the opportunity to contact our own identity and to create community; a weekend in the woods, free from phone, email and all electronic gadget gives us a chance to let go of day-to-day living and restore our oneness with Nature and Spirit; an indescribable experience!



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I believe we are born to express ourselves through art!
When we are children we know how to do this very well: we sing, we dance, we paint, we play!!
However, as years pass, we repress ourselves and we separate from our inner child essence of being and doing things in a spontaneous way.
The canvas for the Paint & Dance Workshop is spontaneity to allow us to play the way only children do and get in touch with our being and be present, in the moment, here, now.

We paint our bodies to honor our being here, now, breathing, living, playing roles in life. We mix colors and brush them out letting intuition and music be the only guides to express our souls, merging with the music, paint and dance, and allow them to become one as the first glimpse into becoming one with the universe. We become aware of how space and time to flow within the rhythms the universe, as life manifests through color and form and blend in and out, above and beyond into the rhythm of all there is.

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"One with Nature Retreat in Sedona"


Often called Red Rock Country, Sedona is settled in the heart of Arizona and known for its wind-shaped red-rock buttes, dramatic sandstone towers and it is one of the best spots to see the rugged nature of the West. It is also known for its sacred Native American sites where many report metaphysical insights and mystical experiences. Even those who have not had such experiences will agree that Sedona is one of the most beautiful places in America, with its awesome and breathtaking red rock sculpted by wind, rain and  time, ancient ruins, lush forests, and dancing creeks. "ONE WITH NATURE" in Sedona intends to let us immerse ourselves into this landscape and fully experience nature. And ourselves as part of the one.
The idea of this event came from the intuitive calling that Enlightenment Through Dancer Supryia had to move to Sedona. Due to exhausting sessions of asthma attacks that Supryia has been treating throughout the years with not so good results, she felt that Sedona may be a good place to find alternative healing and a cure. 

Sedona has always been a dream destination to me and I have been looking for opportunities to go there for years! Lets go to Sedona! I said. This is a friend to friend journey and we would like to extend this invitation to you. 

At this Retreat we will have the opportunity to center, energize, commune with nature, see beautiful things and  bring memories to our day today living! 


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