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Hozuhni, Thanks again for your beautiful, uplifting words. Not only are you are a powerful world servent, but you are a truly inspired writer and poet. I hope you are collecting all your outgoing messages for the benefit of future readers. You are so right on! Your web site is exuberant and your writings are spiritually right on. I wholeheartedly approve. Thanks again for recommending my book , and for nurturing this connection. You are my spirit sister . All blessings on your efforts to enlighten the world. Lonny J. Brown, Ph.D, NH

Hi, Once again. It is the only publication I actually read on line, u truly have a lot to say. U must be one of the most beautiful people in the world. hope to see u next time in ny  Love, Amira Mor, New York
www.amiramor.com Call 1-866-DANCE-10
"Dancing is a matter of the soul"

Rosane, again I am revitalized by your newsletter. It is as if you are my strength when I need it! I read this and I believe in myself again..Thank you for being in my life...As you know I was down and hurt by others and I read your messages in this newsletter and I remember why I am here....I look forward to the workshop! Thanks and please know that what I am feeling will pass I just need to not let negative people get to me so much...I am learning. THANK YOU for being you....California Goddess

GorgeousWOMAN!!!  Hozuhni!!! I deeply admire you and respect you, you are a perfect vessel for me to drink from. Thank you for your sharing your awareness. Thank you for giving my withered awareness a long overdue drink of vital water. You are a powerful woman. You are love and compassion, wisdom and freedom. How I look forward to sharing time with you. Love, Wynne Bailey, NY

Dear Hozuhni, Thanks for giving me the link for your Halloween photos - very impressive! I loved the photos of the Candelabra and sword dance particularly, and your long, wide circular skirts! I wish it was warm enough to do that sort of thing in the UK at this time of year! lots of love, Francesca XXX P.S love the new look of the newsletter - I love to see pictures! The one of the Guedra trance dancers in blue is fantastic - it's now my PC wallpaper! Francesca, England


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