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Colors have profound affects on the wearer and the beholder. Colors can be therapeutic. Meditating on colored flowers is a good way to brighten the mind. The use of colored crystals applied to specific parts of the body can clear energy blocks.

Exposure to different colored lights or surroundings can have a healing effect. Simply incorporating color in your home or office environment also has an important effect. Color should be considered when buying a new car, clothing or home to make sure that you are bringing the energy into your life that suits you.

We can consciously pick colors for their specific healing and empowering properties when choosing costumes, draping fabric for a set design, setting up a stage backdrop or painting the room we perform in.

(Excerpt from the Enlightenment Dance Book...)




Red is an earth color and corresponds to the zodiacal signs of Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo. Vibrant and vigorous in tone, red promotes energy and sensuality. It also represents Mars and martial warlike energy. Red is related to the material world, assisting in the acquisition of physical needs. It is the color of the root chakra, which governs survival. If you are seeking for a better-structured life, security, or more energy, wear red to make it happen. When used it is reassuring and can remove repressed feelings. Red strengthens the heart and blood circulation. It can be a very stimulating color.




Orange is related to the element water and corresponds to the zodiac signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Orange activates the body systems and is good for general health.

It is recommended for those who are frequently ill, lack of vitality and have weak muscles (or weak will power). It also helps cultivate generosity, expansiveness, self-respect, creativity and reproduction. If you are looking for a healthier body, want to conceive, or feel jealous and insecure, wearing orange will help you overcome these challenges. Orange is good for the uterus, thyroid and bladder.  It is indicated for clearing blocks that cause stagnation and paralysis. Orange can also be used to increase creativity.




Yellow is related to the element fire and the sun. It corresponds to the Zodiac signs of Sagittarius, Leo and Aries. It is related to the stomach area, where the “solar plexus” chakra is seated, it is a good color for digestion. Wearing yellow and gold promotes enthusiasm and happiness.  This color also helps to change feelings of anger, impatience, annoyance and laziness. Yellow is great for the nervous system and brain. It is good for healing the kidneys. It is very helpful in treating pain related to arthritis. Yellow is a clarifying color and thus is good for opening up lines of communication. Used in excess, yellow can make one hyperactive.



Green is related to the element air and corresponds to the zodiac signs of Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. Green promotes self expression, communication, serenity and calmness. It is prescribed to calm down stressful and confused thoughts. Like nature herself, green brings balance, peace and harmony. Green corresponds to the heart chakra.

It is a harmonizing color that calms the mind and the nerves. It is used in healing the liver, spleen and pituitary gland. It has a soothing effect on all fire problems:  fever, acidity and hyperactivity.




This color relates to the element ether. It helps release tension and energy blocks. Blue relaxes the body and projects fluidity to our movements, making them more delicate. It is advised for those who have a long-winded or argumentative personality. Sky blue opens the mind, bringing a willingness to listen and discuss by freeing tension. It is related to the throat chakra. It helps reduce tumors, congestion, fevers and infections. It is used for the eyes and pineal gland. It reduces anger and hatred. Used in excess light blue can make one cool and unfeeling.




Dark blue promotes concentration and detachment by clearing the mind. This color promotes mystery and is advised for those who are very extroverted and need more discretion.




Purple is a color that creates an aura of prestige. It is good for reducing cysts, heart pain and stiffness. It is also considered royal and spiritual.




Violet is a color that increases devotion. It is very good for rooms where meditation is practiced. It builds white blood cells in the spleen. This is a color that promotes spiritual growth. Violet is excellent for people who suffer from Aids, hepatitis, cancer, lupus and other immune diseases.




White is a nurturing pure color. It is and is the best to wear to perform any spiritual activity. It is a healing color and this is why it is universally warn in hospitals. It counteracts fevers , infections, calms the mind, hearts, nerves and soothes emotions. If used excessively, white can be suppressing to the emotions or make one feel inhibited, lazy or hypersensitive.  As the color violet, it is associated with pure consciousness. , vision and insight as it is related to the crown chakra. It stimulates intuition to higher guidance and promotes a state of inner peace and wisdom.




The color silver evokes emotions of romance and inspiration. It is associated with water, It relaxes and helps release tension. It is recommended for busy people coping with many responsibilities. Silver promotes femininity, encourages receptivity and creates a bit of mystery.




Gold invokes the sun. It is rrelated to passion and action. This color increases the strength of the heart and immune system and balances endocrine or hormone functions.  It a warming color for the body. On a spiritual level, gold increases awareness, purity and virtue.




Pink is good for people who are very intellectual, rational, egocentric or cold and for people who want to bring out their emotional side. This color helps activate feelings of compassion and love towards others and self.




Dark pink helps strengthen emotions, promotes security and happiness. It is recommended for fragile personalities, such as those who cry easily and are overly sensitive.




Brown is a grounding and stabilizing color. It should not be used as a primary color in a room as it does not promote thought or spiritual growth. It is good to use brown when you are spacing out or losing material belongings. Brown and red are good for money.




Black is a color that lets no light pass through it. It tends to create depression and obstruction. Black is not a negative color though, you can use it’s healing powers when you want to avoid interference from other’s energies into your own. It blocks any other color or energy interference.




Be aware of the colors that are around you. Look in your closet and observe which colors are among your clothes. Ask yourself if you have a tendency to like one color more then the other, or if there is any color that you really don’t like. Ask yourself why. Be open for the healing power of the colors.



The preceding is an excerpt from the book
Enlightenment Dance: Dancing your Way to Eternal Bliss...


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