Fund Raising for our beloved sister Lynda Waters "Walida"


THE Enlightenment Through DanceRS - REHEARSAL NIGHT





with Hozuhni and the Enlightenment Through Dancers

We tell the story of Lynda joining Enlightenment Through Dance with the intent of bringing all the memories of profound moments Lynda and us created and shared together , either in class, on the stage or in life.  We invite you to come along with us as you watch this performance and let  your mind swirl upon those heartfelt moments you and Lynda have shared together.


2 – THE PRINCE - by Zhor (Andrew Guilfoil) -

In this number, Zhor is the Prince who looks for the Princess and the dance is an interpretation of that part of us that knows what we inherently want, and moves into bringing our ideas and dreams into fruition.


3 - LINDA LINDA LINDA !!! - By Kailani (Sheri Deliman) -

The word " linda" in Spanish means "beautiful" and that is what Lynda really is! Lynda is beautiful inside and out! This playful performance tells the story of how our beautiful Lynda is also aware of the beauty in every day life.


by The American Bellydance Studio Harem and Kadayif -

When the fair Lynda fell into a deep sleep a cry went out to all the lands in Bellydancedom/the Kingdom calling for love, well wishes and prayers in hopes something would awaken the lovely Princess from her deep sleep. The fairest maidens of the Kingdom came to dance for her hoping to awaken her and return her to her former self, each giving their love and energy to the sleeping Princess through their dance. This dance represents the spirit trying to escape and fly after being suppressed/injured.


5 - THE GODDESS WITHIN - by Hozuhni (Rosane Gibson) -

The intention in this dance is to tune up with Lynda’s Goddess-like mind, sending her love, support and understanding for her experience of being in coma. Empowering Lynda’s deepest desired intention: IT’S ALL GOOD! We let go of worries and trust that something much higher than we could possibly envision is at work right now.


6 – A DANCE OF LIFE - by Zhor & Hozuhni -

this performance describes the yin & yang aspects of life, day and night, male and female, asleep and awake, hello and good-bye, beginning and end, up and down. Moments for reflection, as Lynda would say: "IT'S ALL GOOD!!"


7- SLEEPING BEAUTY and THE PRINCE – By the Enlightenment Through Dancers and Zhor -

The Prince looks for the Princess and when he finds her, she wakes up from a long dream. This heartful performance is a dance meditation for all of us looking for the “Inner Princess”, a message that everything is possible, as we allow the Universe to manifest itself through Individuality. This performance is a message of “trust”, a metaphor for life that engages our deepest wishes of dreams to manifest and come true. A tribute to Lynda, as we trust Lynda's state is a reminder for all of us to awaken from our own sleep.



The Lovely Princess has not awakened. The many who knew her and have heard of her goodness recall the wonderfulness of her spirit and life and try to push the image of what has happened to our lovely Princess away from their memories--but reality is a cruel Mistress. They can't forget she has not awakened and they know not if she will. This dance represents human natures battle with what they wish was reality and reality itself. The double fans represent each side of our thoughts--what we want to be reality and what actually is reality. 


9– LYNDA'S ESSENCE: The BellyDancing-ScubaDiving-BikerChick -
by Kusha (Robin Rogers)

The intent of this song is to express the wild and creative side of Lynda. The side that says: - "If I want to be a bellydancing-scuba diving-biker chick..I will. No more chains! No more kissing the feet that kick me, I will throw my hands to the wind and sail the wings of butterflies. Sit back, enjoy the ride and yell HEY – HEY...It's all good."


10-  WHAT WILL BE WILL BE -  by Supryia (Kimberly Hanson)  -

This performance conveys feelings of not always having all the answers ready from our mind, and trust our intuitive side. To know what is right and to go with the moment, as it manifests,  just like a leaf follows a path, as it is carried by the waters of a stream. Sometimes the answers to life's toughest questions are carried in the soft breeze we feel against our skin...and the air that we breathe in and out of our bodies...


11 - GREAT FINALE - Enlightenment Through Dance Caravan -

A Gypsy performance that brings our attention to the present moment, where wisdom resides. Dancing like a Gypsy, reconnecting with life and celebrating, something we all have learned from Lynda's passion for life!



Show Review by Marlayna Maclarty...

Our Heartful Messages to Lynda Waters...


"Yes, it is only in my dreams.
But they say if you dream a
thing more than once,
it's sure to come true"

Sleeping Beauty


Enlightenment Through Dancers would like to thank the following sponsors who so generously donated goods and services for this evenings event:
  • Allure Skin Wellness Center
  • Dick's Sporting Goods
  • Rosane Gibson
  • Lisa and Peter Megna
  • Nichole Hein Sauer
  • Sheri Deliman
  • Julie Case
  • Eve Underhill
  • Tiffaney Grano
  • Mandy Arthur
  • Richard Powers






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