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Enlightenment Through Dance is not only a form of healthful exercise and dance, but also a benefit to the practitioner's mental and spiritual well-being. A person's body cannot act without the mind, and the mind must be directed by a calm spirit.


Enlightenment Through Dance blends mind, breath, spirit, and body together, enabling the harmonious action between the elements of a person's life.

The true mastery of Enlightenment Through Dance may only be achieved when all elements of a person's life are in balance. From the dance floor to all aspects of life, the sense of balance and inner fulfillment takes over oneself.

The harmony that must exist within an individual practitioner of Enlightenment Through Dance is also extended to harmony within the Enlightenment Through Dance School, and within society. Within the school, students are taught respect for each other, their instructors, and for the society in which they live.

All students lend a hand in the care of each other and of the school itself. In this way, the Enlightenment Through Dance School acts as a family. In fact, members of the school are referred to as "brother" and "sister".

As you keep your path with Enlightenment Through Dance you will learn how to move from the internal core of the body—the abdomen and the back—not only from the external parts of the body, such as arms and shoulders. Your dance will become a reflection of your soul and it will be as unique as each one of us is.

I and the other more advanced students are looking forward to share this inner path with you at the dance floor.



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