Interactive, Online Classes
New! Private Online Classes via Skype!

Don't have time to go out and take a dance class?
Are you still too shy to be in public?

Now you can log on and take a dance class at the comfort of your home with Hozuhni!  

The sessions we will share will be customized to you, incorporating your talents, goals, learning styles, and honoring any challenges.

There will be NO recitals, or ANYTHING required. YOU will choose your own pace and preferences.

All you need is a computer (or Skype enabled TV), web cam & a free Skype account!  More info about Skype...

How does this work? Easy.

  1. Set up a free Skype account,
  2. Email Hozuhni at  to set up an appointment for your Skype class,
  3. Use your credit card to pay online at PayPal and,
  4. Take your class on the agreed upon scheduled time.


15 minutes of class for free!
Valid until March 30th!!
1 free class if you sign up for 4 classes!!
$55 for one hour
$25 for 1/2 hour
$200 for 4 lessons pre-paid in advance.


Additional Information - More Details  Please download Skype Lessons with Hozuhni .pdf




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