Enlightenment Through Dance of the ELEMENTS With HOZUHNI

Honoring the traditional four major natural elements through dance is a way of getting in touch with Nature and Spirit. It turns our awareness to the life force within and teaches us how to connect to it. Dancing with the intention of touching various aspects of Nature brings energy and vigor to our life. It heightens intuition and our self-healing powers.




Desert, volcanoes, saunas, candles, fireworks, fireplaces, summer...

Fire is the heat of desire, sensuality and passion. It represents both a sexual fire and a divine enlightenment that is shining within. It is a chemical reaction and as such it is magic in the processes of change and transformation. It can also be threatening and scary, but its alchemical nature can bring results that are spectacular, like the mythical Phoenix Bird rising from its own ashes. Fire is the warrior that abides inside us. Dancing with fire fills us with the brilliant energy of Spirit, the heat of the soul and blood. It brings the power to transmute and heal, the chance to destroy and rebuild inner vision, illumination, explosions, love and passion, transformation, protection, courage and power.  By dancing for the fire we will learn that we are indestructible and that whatever happens in our lives will only makes us stronger.

Ps:  Please bring candles, wine glasses, matches and anything that reminds you of fire.




Clouds, sky, birds, air...

The wind is the breath of creation. It also signifies freedom, intuition, inspiration, communication. The wind is intimately connected to our sense of smell and hearing. When dancing for the wind we go through a sensation of the "all-knowing", of gratitude, serenity and intuitive awareness. Please bring veils for this workshop.

Ps: Please bring veils,  incense and anything that reminds you of the wind.




Ocean, river, lake, ice, snow, fog, rain...

Water flows in rivers and on the crashing waves of the ocean. It falls from the sky in drops of rain. Water is totally mutable as it changes state. Its form can be frozen solid or hot vapor. Water brings us the power of intuition and the flexibility to adjust to daily life. When we cry water flows from our eyes. When we sweat, it releases stress and heat from our bodies. Our bodies are 80% water. We can't live without it. By dancing for the water we will learn that sometimes we need to be strong and solid like the ice, other times soft and transparent like vapor. And we will learn that most of the time we need to let ourselves flow like the waves of the ocean. We will dance for the water as it is the element of purification. Please bring a costume that you can dive with. We will also dance under the water.

Ps: Please bring water jars, perfumes and anything that reminds you of water.



Rocks, crystals, bones, metals, seeds, flowers...

Earth is the element of strength. It supports our bodies, feeds us and shelters us. It is the realm of abundance and prosperity. The Earth represents the physical, material plane and it supports the other elements. Earth is related to the sense of touch, growth, prosperity, stability, birth and death. This dance is about honoring the element Earth by connecting to the awareness of being alive and having all our material needs fulfilled.  Please bring flowers (real or artificial) for this workshop.

Ps: Please bring flowers (natural or artificial), crystals, seeds, anything that reminds you of earth.


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The Dance of the Four Elements

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