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Kimberly Hanson, (St Augustine Beach, February 2012)

Hozuhni has been my real life guide when it comes to the necessary reminder that I am still every age I have ever been and although I can analyze and examine my every thought and behavior, when strongly encouraged to do so, I can also lighten up and live my life in the moment….

What an amazing, enriching, wonderful life I have had because Hozuhni has been in it!!!

Playing Gypsy in the forest, Morocco healing under the trees in the moonlight near the lake...

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Ilene (Central Florida – August 2008)
I have almost finished your wonderful book!!! WOW, I really, really love all the wisdom in it It was a very enlightening read!!! I am very joyful with your loving words and encouragement ...

I want to tell you that the weekend in Ocala truly has brought more light into my heart and awakened my soul from a sleep I was walking in for the past couple of years. I am truly blessed to have met such a wonderful teacher and spiritual guide as you. You are a light to the world and especially to us women who have been missing beauty and color in our day to day lives!!

Thank you so much for your "special secret" words to me. I think of what you told me about every hour and remember your kindness and loving way of "speaking" to me so I could really "hear" what you said. Thank you for that special gift, it means more to me than you will ever know and I will treasure the love you shared with me forever. Jack is very right when he said that if is your heart that is the difference in what you teach and do in your dance classes and what other dance teachers do.  You are a gift to the world and especially to me!!I wish I were with you to hug you so you could "feel" how much you mean to me and how special you are!!!!

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Walida (Winter Haven, FL)

Hozuhni, I just wanted to tell you how much fun I had at class tonight! It was a hoot. I think we need to do that more often -- just hang out and dance our hearts out. Did you feel a sense of pride tonight?

You should. It was a testament to your influence on this world!Your love, sense of being, encouragement, support and energy has been implanted in each one of those people there tonight.

Do you realize your effect on the world? Sometimes we forget about that, and I forget to tell you how much I appreciate what you do. In each and every class, and in each and every student, you instill peace, security and a sense of pride in one's self. What a wonderful patchwork of people you have created! The world is a much better place because of you.

I am blessed to have you as my friend. Wanted you to know that!

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Sylvia Partain Amyrillis (Winter Haven, Florida)

Aging is not graceful, unless of course, you determine that it will be. I was once a dancer, and I choreographed and taught dance and drill teams for fifteen years. Then I took a different course in my career and I retired from dance, never giving a thought to "use it or lose it."

Twenty years later, at age 60, I lost my tenacity for working out, so I again looked at dance as an exercise that would make that hour pass with a helluva lot more fun. But my knees were now gone, my body wouldn't follow directions, and balance had disappeared completely. I now used the rail going upstairs and a step-at-a-time coming down. I timidly signed up for Hozuhni's belly dance class and immediately became infatuated with the teacher's enthusiasm.

There were others younger and older, and everyone was friendly. Hozuhni introduced a whole new world of mind and body and I looked forward to each Monday night. After nine months of fun exercise embedded with inspiration and creativity, I noticed the strength I had gained in the muscles surrounding my knees. Going up and down stairs--no problem. Balance--it's beginning to return. Creativity--it's a new me!

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Anna Baildon, "Anninha" (England)

I went to my first class with Hozuhni with some trepidation - I felt divided between my embryonic interest in the dance and my fear of the unknown. I couldn't see myself doing this dance, as it was so radically different to the dance forms that I knew. But after that first class I was hooked!

A few months later Hozuhni moved to the USA, and Angela Renton and I continued running the group. When Hozuhni first moved away we were so sad, we couldn't see how we'd continue. More than four years down the line, Angela is still running the group, performing, and going to workshops and performances. Hozuhni's boundless enthusiasm encouraged me to develop my initial interest so that it has blossomed into a fundamental part of my life. I can't imagine not having this part of me for the rest of my life.

The dance has moved, inspired and challenged me on many levels, and has led me to some of my best friends. I look forward to where it will take me, and where I can take it, in the future!

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¨Mychele (Orlando, FL)

"I love how Hozuhni engages all of the students working with the different skill levels as well as the different comfort levels. She really makes people feel comfortable and beautiful. Hozuhni does a wonderful job keeping the class flowing, staying on track, keeping it fun, challenging, but doable. She has a gift as a teacher. I can't really say that I liked one thing more than another.

One aspect that has truly inspired me in my own teaching and dancing is how open she is with what she is doing and the spiritual aspect that she brings into the dance. Hozuhni opens dance up into a whole new realm, a place where everyone who wants can find a place to dance, whether it be to middle eastern rhythms, disco, house music, whatever. Costumes, dance, expression, personality all come together in her classes. She brings out the best in people, even parts of themselves that they didn't know existed.

Enlightenment Through Dance means to me finding new ways to express myself with movement. Being able to explore and express my inner goddess with encouragement, support and love of other dancers. Touching the divine within myself and setting her free with dance. Hozuhni, you are a force of nature- air, fire, earth, water!

"Your goddess speaks when you move to the music of your soul"
Loving, vibrant, caring!

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Tysina and daughter Chrysta (Winter Haven, FL)

On Monday August 30, 2007 my daughter and I attended class for the first time in months. The experience was like coming home from a very distant place. The sisterhood welcomed us home as if we had never been away. There was no uncomfortable awkwardness.

I felt as if I was reborn. It was like a soulful baptism into the world of enlightenment and dance. I felt humbled and grateful as I shared the experience with my fellow dancer. As my daughter performed, I felt so proud of her and myself. To be able to share these experienced with my daughter is beyond my description.

It brings me such joy and comfort to instill in my daughter a sense of self worth, beauty, and enlightenment. I am so grateful for our teacher and all of the fellow students. Each dancer shares themselves and teaches us something meaningful and worth while in every class. I know that our dance class goes beyond so much more than dance. It is a way of life, an appreciation of who you are, a sense of awareness at the beauty in yourself and all beings.

I learn and grow with every class. My closes friends have paid me complements on the improvements in my self esteem. Before I started class, I would never dance in public because I was so self conscious. This class has forever changed me for the better. My Gratitude and Admiration Always, Tysina

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Nadua (Winter Haven, FL)

I love Enlightenment Through Dance! I love that I can express my mind body and soul at the same time through dancing. I love that I have finally found a way to come out of my protective shell.

I was always so afraid to let people see who I really was, and now all I need is music and a veil and the real me comes out. I love that I have found a bond, and a way to create a bond, with other women without all the cattiness or pettiness.

Through dancing I have found a way to accept and enjoy life for what it really is, an adventure. Nichole Hein

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Kristi "Auralynne" (Winter Haven, FL)

Enlightenment Through Dance has become my world! Hozuhni makes it so much fun.

She has so much enthusiasm, so much life energy, and I can tell she really loves all of her students.

Without her I know the close bond between all the people in the class wouldn't be possible. We're all just like sisters.



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Andrea "Cassandra" (Winter Haven, FL)

To me, Enlightenment Through Dance means a place where I can go and be myself, where I can be free and not care what anyone thinks.

I feel like we are all sisters there. Dancing would not be the same if it was taught by someone other than Hozuhni. I love her to death.

She is a wonderful teacher and a friend as well. -


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Elizabeth Hessami - (Orlando, FL)

I LOVE the Enlightenment Through Dance classes. I have taken a few classes, but this is the only class where I have felt I am really making progress. Hozuhni's class is the perfect balance! I love learning a little about the other student's each week.

I look forward all week to attending class which is over an hour's drive from my house. It is an expression of joy through movement that I have not experienced anywhere else. I truly feel transported as I dance and am thrilled to be learning the language of the dance with each new movement I make.

I cannot say enough about Hozuhni. She has allowed me to realize that dance is so much more than one particular movement. It is an expression of joy, my joy! Some people may be great dancers, other people are great teachers; but to find someone who is a great dancer and a great teacher is so rare. Hozuhni is both!!!!

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Lourdes (Orlando, FL) 

Just a personal note to let you know how much I admire you. In the little time that I've known you you have become an inspiration for me and I have learned a lot of my inner being.

I am a little behind in the dancing but in the spiritual side you have done me a lot of good and I thank you from my heart. Like I expressed in the class I have my ups and downs but I have learned to turn my downs into ups thinking of things you say.

Thank you again. You are a wonderful teacher, a great woman and thank God a very good inspiration...


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Sherry McDonald - Blue Lotus Center, Orlando / FL

Hozuhni was my very first teacher. I thought I would get there and feel out of place. On the contrary, I found the most wonderful group of women both young and old and to my surprise a gentleman dancer as well.

Hozuhni's bubbly spirit and her way of teaching Enlightenment Through Dance made me feel very welcome. She told stories along with the dance steps, but the dance was not the only thing I learned. I learned about the true spirit of dance. She is a wonderful teacher.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity I had to take classes and enjoy friendship with Hozuhni and her Enlightenment Through Dancers.


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Christine Praria ( Orlando/ FL)


Hozuhni brought spirit into my dance, and helped me find the confidence to dance without choreography, from the heart and soul. After my first private lesson with this beautiful, exotic, fiery woman I knew I had found a teacher who could help me grow spiritually through dance. I was exhilarated! Hozuhni taught me about getting into spirit, finding freedom in my heart and joy in my body and dancing with wild abandon.


None of my teachers had ever taken a spiritual approach before. With Hozuhni I learned to draw on feminine earth energies, circulating them through my body and allowing them to find expression through the power of the gypsy persona. She taught me to flirt, to pose, to be passionately angry as well as deliriously joyous, to compete, to cooperate, and most of all to enjoy my body and lose myself in the music, letting it flow through me.


Now when I dance, I feel ecstasy, just from interacting with the music and feeling each movement flow effortlessly into the next. It is an active meditation, as I let go of conscious control and trust my body and skills to create something beautiful.


I love Hozuhni -- she has such glorious goddess energy, a beautiful body and a radiant, loving spirit. She showed me a path to enlightenment that never would have occurred to me, and it has made dance not only an exercise or artistic outlet for me; it is a truly spiritual experience.

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Kimberly Hanson ~Supriya~ (Winter Haven, Florida)

Enlightenment Through Dance has become part of who I am, not just something that I do. I began my journey with Enlightenment Through Dance and it's talented, gorgeous and inspirational creator Hozuhni, a little over a year ago. My journey is still in it's infancy and I am looking forward to a lifelong trip in which I will grow. If I had to describe what Enlightenment Through Dance means to me in just three words, those words would be; Health, Fun and Empowerment. I knew I was dying. Okay, I wasn't going to drop dead right away, but there were signs. Elevated blood pressure, a persistent cough, constant fatigue, gripping muscle spasms, overwhelming feelings of stress and irritability.

I felt much older than I was and not only was my health declining, but I felt miserable inside too. The day I met Hozuhni, I did so timidly. I was ashamed of my weight, my body, myself. I covered the center of my shame, my tummy strategically in layers of clothing. I pulled my skirt up high almost to my nipple line and then on top of that I added a long shirt which I cinched in with a thick scarf tied well above my waistline. I folded my arms in front of my tummy, and I was ready to begin my first lesson!

Learning to dance with Hozuhni has helped me to slowly strip away those protective layers. Not just the outer layers of clothing, but the inner layers of negative thinking, self doubt and shame. I have a newly found sense of self acceptance. Hozuhni has a special gift for helping others to heal through dance. Sure, I do not yet have the body I would like to have, but I have learned to be more grateful for the body that I do have. I am learning to love my tummy! I am so happy that my body is allowing me to learn to dance.

I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to share in that dance with other females who are so supportive, non-judgmental and truly "sisters in dance". s a group, this "sisterhood" is a positive move towards the empowerment of women, while learning to be comfortable with femininity. Enlightenment Through Dance has given me tremendously improved mental and physical health. It is so much fun!

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